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We can’t continue to wait for the state to act.

While we have to advocate for an efficient, effective and economic public administration, in a participatory democracy it is each and every one of us has the duty to work alongside the state. 


We are building a movement of people who have the skills and knowledge to mobilise themselves we can compel the government to live up to the potential of this country and its Constitution. The movement is underpinned by education, organisation, and mobilisation self-managed at neighbourhood and community level.

People experiencing common issues gather together to understand what the law says regarding their issue, what their rights are, and together decide on what action to take to advance their collective causes.

Activist Forums

An Activist Forum is a dedicated space for education, planning, and organising within Zackie2024's knowledge-based political movement.


Comprising geographically-based and issue-based groups, these forums serve as platforms for community members to come together, study pertinent laws, policies, and constitutional principles, and strategise on how to address pressing social issues.


Each forum focuses on a specific area of concern, such as informal settlement upgrading, disability rights, substance abuse harm reduction, or LGBTQ+ equality, empowering participants with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for their rights and effect meaningful change within their communities.

"Where other parties give people food parcels, we give knowledge. People need both food and knowledge. The knowledge we give is how to struggle for food." - Zackie Achmat on knowledge-based movement building.

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