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Hold Zackie Accountable

The widespread issue of unaccountability within the state and among the members of parliament has catalysed a domino effect of catastrophic systemic failures. Accountability is key to fixing the broken state.


Zackie is committed to restoring trust and integrity as an independent MP. He is signing a Contract of Ethics and Accountability with his constituents. This isn't just a promise - it's a binding commitment.

Accountability Contract

Under this contract, Zackie vows to hold himself answerable to the people he represents; to rebuild the bridge between parliament and the people.




The Zackie2024 campaign is about more than just building a support base to get Zackie, as a progressive independent, elected. We are also building a knowledge-based movement


Together Zackie as a MP and the movement will work towards a public service that is competent, ethical, and accountable. We need money to do this work.

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