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  • How will the 2024 election ballots work?
    For the first time in 2024, voters will receive three ballots instead of only two ballots. The first ballot will be for the election of the compensatory 200 members of the National Assembly, which is only contested by political parties. The second ballot is new. This will be for the regional elections of the 200 members of the National Assembly. This ballot will vary from region to region, depending on which parties and independent candidates contest the relevant regional election. The third ballot, the provincial ballot, will be for electing the members of the provincial legislature in each province. This means, if you want to #VoteZackie2024, you will vote for him on the second ballot. You will still vote for a party on the first and third ballot.
  • How do I check my registration status?
    To check your registration details, you can: send an SMS with your ID number to 32810 (R1.00 per SMS); download the IEC mobile app and enter your ID number; Check your voter registration details online; or check at your local IEC office during office hours. visit your local voting station on one of the IEC Voter Registration weekends. For more information visit the IEC website
  • Who can register to vote?
    You must: be a South African citizen; be at least 16 years old (you can only vote from age 18); and and have a green, bar-coded ID book; smartcard ID; or valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC).
  • How is the Zackie2024 campaign funded?
    Zackie2024 needs resources to ensure we can compete on a professional level. We’ve budgeted for a small but professional campaign staff, ample but modest campaign operation, and all the related expenses cognizant that the election campaign is only part of the movement. We rely on donations to keep the campaign running and want to raise as much funds as possible through small donations. Given economic constraints, Zackie2024 also accepts large donations from wealthy individuals. All such donations received will be based on the commitment that no favours will be asked by such wealthy individuals and no favours will be given to them. No funds will be accepted from wealthy individuals in the arms, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceutical and fossil fuel industries. Donate here
  • Are donations tax deductible?
    Unfortunately not. We are a Non Profit Company and as a result South African donors will be subject to 20% donation tax for amounts over R100,000 in a financial year.
  • How do I pay tax on my large donation?
    Firstly, thank you! We are deeply moved by the strong show of support from generous donors. Any amount received over R100,000 from South African donors, is subject to 20% Donations Tax. Please keep yourself tax compliant by completing an IT114 and submitting to SARS no later than one month after making your donation, with proof of payment. This can also be done via eFiling.
  • What is the Political Party Funding Act?
    The Political Party Funding Act is legislation that regulates and aims to make the funding of political parties by private and public funders more transparent.
  • When did it come into effect?
    The Political Party Funding Act was signed into law on 22 January 2021, with the Act coming into effect on 1 April 2021.
  • Is my donation anonymous?
    As of 1 April 2021, if you donate more than R100 000 per financial year, the Political Party must submit your details to the IEC for publishing on their website. Donations below R100 000 do not need to be declared for publication. Currently, no legislation regulates donations to independent candidates but in principle, Zackie2024 will follow the same regulations as political parties.
  • Do I have to provide my information when I donate?
    Part of the Political Party Funding Act is for each political party to keep detailed records of all donations received for auditing purposes. Only donations of R100 000 and above must be disclosed to the IEC. Currently, no legislation regulates donations to independent candidates but on principle, Zackie2024 will follow the same regulations as political parties.
  • Can I make a donation in another person’s name?
    No donation may be made in the name of another person.
  • Can I make a donation if I’m a foreign citizen?
    Yes you can. Foreign donations will be earmarked for training or skills development of a member of the political party; or Policy development by the party. This is limited to R5 million per financial year in total. Currently, no legislation regulates donations to independent candidates. We will disclose foreign donations of R100 000 and above.
  • Is there a limit on how much I can donate?
    The Act limits local donations (from South African citizens, permanent residents, registered companies or registered trusts) to R15 000 000 and those from foreign sources (from non-South African citizens, permanent residents, registered companies or registered trusts) to R5 000 000 per 1 source, per financial year. Currently, no legislation regulates donations to independent candidates but on principle, Zackie2024 will follow the same regulations as political parties.
  • Is my donation tax deductible?
    Your donation to Zackie2024 is not tax deductible.
  • If I vote for Zackie how can I hold him accountable?
    Zackie believes accountability is key to fixing the broken state. Widespread State Capture has led to devastating consequences for jobs, lives, and the economy. Corrupt MPs responsible, still hold positions of power. Zackie is committed to restoring trust and integrity as an independent MP. He is signing a Contract of Ethics and Accountability with his supporters and potential constituents. This isn't just a promise - it's a binding commitment to be honest, decent and to act with integrity
  • What is an independent candidate?
    The new Electoral Amendment Act of 2023, for the first time, allows independent candidates to stand for elections into legislatures and the National Assembly. An independent candidate is an individual who runs for public office without being affiliated with any political party. Independent candidates campaign and stand for election based on their own principles, policies, and vision for the office they seek. Running as an independent candidate allows individuals to prioritise their own agendas and engage directly with constituents without the influence of a political party. Zackie chose to run as an independent candidate in the 2024 Election. Vote for an MP with integrity.
  • Why is Zackie running as an independent candidate?
    Zackie wants to take the “party politics” out of politics. Party promises have come to nought. The internal party machinations have resulted in incompetent cadre deployment. Party politics protect the corrupt and shield the racist. MPs toe the party line instead of serving the people who elected them. Poor party performance has led to voter apathy and widespread pessimism putting democracy in peril. Zackie is also ready to do the boring work of Parliament with a movement outside. He’ll review accounts, reports, and statements with communities. Together with members of the movement he will demand testimony, and documents, and conduct inspections to help ensure that he roots out corruption, mismanagement, and incompetence.
  • What difference can an independent MP make?
    If elected Zackie will seek to serve on one of the committees that oversees government expenditure: Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA), the Standing Committee on Finance, or Standing Committee on Appropriations. This triad of committees oversee the financial statements of govt departments & state institutions, government audit reports and expenditure reviews. He hopes to bring greater transparency to the committee proceedings & demand that those who steal and misspend are held to account. He will seek out and work with other MPs of integrity to bring about change.
  • What does Zackie stand for?
    Zackie advocates for a competent, ethical, and accountable state. He stands firmly against poverty, corruption, and racism. The campaign is built around three pillars: #FixTheState: Use the mechanisms of state to hold the government accountable. #ReclaimParliament: Bring the voices of the people back into Parliament. #BuildOurCommunities: Education, organisation, and mobilisation of people on the ground for change. Learn more
  • What qualifies Zackie to stand as an MP?
    Zackie has a track record of successful action to bring about change through his leadership of social justice organisations. For more than 40 years he has led social movements and activist organisations working for justice, equality, and accountability. Zackie is experienced in advancing these aims through protest and movement building, as well as using the Constitution and the courts to bring action against those who undermine our democracy.
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