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What does Zackie stand for?

Zackie advocates for a competent, ethical, and accountable state. He stands firmly against poverty, corruption, and racism.



Zackie2024 advocates for a competent, ethical, and accountable state. It stands firmly against poverty, corruption, and racism. Zackie2024 is built around the following three pillars.



PRASA, Eskom, and SASSA have all suffered from corruption and have failed to deliver quality services to the people. This has devastating consequences for jobs, lives, and the economy. A state that delivers quality services is vital for dignified lives, economic growth, and creating jobs. Zackie aims to address these failures and ensure the rule of law is upheld, benefitting working-class families and helping to safeguard our nation’s economic future.



Widespread state capture and corruption have weakened Parliament’s oversight and accountability. To counter this, Zackie will begin to reclaim parliament, to hold accountable politicians, officials, and those running state entities. He will work with other MPs of integrity to ensure the corrupt, the incompetent and those squandering resources face the consequences. Additionally, he aims to bring the voices of hard-working, long-suffering  South Africans into Parliament. He will open the doors to Parliament, to let you in.



Zackie believes in building a movement through education, organisation, and mobilisation. Recognising the urgency of addressing the day-to-day challenges in our unjust and unequal society, Zackie emphasises taking action at community level. We can’t continue to wait for the state to act. By empowering communities, even through small steps, Zackie aims to bring about tangible change and tackle the pressing issues we face.

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