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Why am I running as an Independent?

My answer is simple: I want to take the “party politics” out of politics. Party promises have come to nought. The internal party machinations have resulted in incompetent cadre deployment. Party politics protect the corrupt and shield the racist. MPs toe the party line instead of serving the people who elected them. Poor party performance has led to voter apathy and widespread pessimism putting democracy in peril.


How to vote for Zackie




What is an independent candidate?

The new Electoral Amendment Bill, signed in 2023, for the first time, allows individuals who are not associated with political parties to stand as candidates for elections into legislatures and the National Assembly.


What does #Zackie2024 stand for?

Zackie advocates for a competent, ethical, and accountable state. He stands firmly against poverty, corruption, and racism. The campaign is built on three key pillars: #FixTheState, #ReclaimParliament, and #BuildOurCommunities.


Why is #Zackie2024  building a movement?

#Zackie2024 believes that we cannot simply wait for the state to act. Every person and community living in South Africa has a responsibility to organise around the particular challenges they face and work with government and the private sector to create solutions.

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