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Accountability Contract

Under this contract, Zackie vows to hold himself answerable to the people he represents; to rebuild the bridge between parliament and the people.


An Accountability Committee will also be established to hold him accountable for the commitments in the contract.


The committee will also manage any procedure for laying and investigating complaints. It can appoint an Ombud where necessary to investigate and make appropriate recommendations and sanctions including exercising the right to recall him as an MP.

Download the accountability contract

Between Zackie Achmat (independent candidate for Parliament) and Zackie2024 supporters

I, Zackie Achmat, solemnly affirm that now and when I am elected to Parliament I will:


The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Laws

  1. Respect the Constitution, all other laws and affirm the democratic values of human dignity, equality, justice and freedom.

  2. I will refuse to ask for, or be given, favours in my personal and political life as an MP.

Ethics and Principles 

  1. Be honest, decent and act with integrity and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

  2. Tell the truth against all abuses of power and be transparent in my work.

  3. Be open about campaign funding and finances.

  4. Raise as much funds as possible through small donations. However, given economic constraints, I will accept large donations from wealthy individuals. All such donations received will be based on the commitment that no favours will be asked by such wealthy individuals and no favours will be given to them. No funds will be accepted from wealthy individuals in the arms, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceutical and fossil fuel industries.

  5. Consult widely before voting as an MP and make my voting history in committee and the National Assembly accessible to the public.

  6. Stand down immediately without pay if I am charged with corruption or any other crime (except in the case of civil disobedience against unjust laws or policies) and resign if I am found guilty.


Fix the State

  1. Work with movements to help Fix the State and ensure that it becomes effective, open and accountable and employs competent, skilled and qualified public officials. 

  2. Support and introduce laws that help working class people fix our communities. 

  3. Endeavour to join and attend the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) to ensure public money is spent well.

  4. Hold the government accountable and root out corruption, mismanagement and incompetence by demanding testimony, documents and conducting inspections.

  5. Name the corrupt companies, officials and politicians to ensure the culprits face the law.

  6. Work to ensure that the state provides reliable, sustainable and affordable renewable electricity to all households and businesses.

  7. Work with movements, local and provincial governments to ensure access to reliable, regular, safe and affordable passenger rail services.

  8. Give support to officials, organisations, movements and professionals working to improve the quality of primary health care, to specifically address mental health and substance use disorders.

Build a Movement and Reclaim Parliament

  1. Help to build a movement of people to Reclaim Parliament and Fix the State.

  2. Prioritise work to ensure that people actively participate in the work of Parliament.

  3. Engage people’s organisations, trade unions and experts who work on social, economic, and climate justice and its intersection with gender, youth, LGBTIQA+, immigrant, sex work, and people living with disability. 

  4. Make all documents or records to which I gain access easily available to the public.

  5. Hold at least one public meeting every month to listen and account to people.

  6. Make the work of Parliament accessible to everyone through media campaigns.

Accountability and Ethics Committee

  1. See that an Accountability and Ethics Committee is established to hold me accountable to my commitments in this contract. This body will manage a procedure for laying and investigating objective complaints. The Accountability and Ethics Committee can, when necessary, appoint an Ombud to investigate complaints and make appropriate recommendations and sanctions including exercising the right to recall me as an MP.


We, supporters of the Zackie2024 campaign, solemnly swear or affirm that we will respect, protect, promote and advance the rights and duties contained in the Constitution, all other laws and affirm the democratic values of human dignity, equality, justice and freedom.

Build Our Communities

  1. We will not wait for the state or corporations to build our communities that are crushed by hunger, injustice, inequality, low wages, unemployment, criminality, deep trauma, state capture and corruption. We have a duty to build communities in order to live with dignity, safety and income security. A caring community built on an economy and state that cares will achieve justice, equality and freedom is at the heart of our commitment.

  2. We will join and build community-based movements through bodies such as neighbourhood watch organisations, cultural, sport, recreational activities, facilities and education programmes. Our work will build movements of social, economic, political and gender justice. 

  3. As Zackie2024 supporters we will build communities that promote equality and justice for all including people living with disabilities, women, LGBTIQA+ people, immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

  4. We commit to resist individual and systemic racism to build non-racial communities.

Fix The State and Reclaim Parliament

  1.  We will build movements to fix the state at every level on the basis of section 195 of the Constitution. As Zackie2024 supporters we will build a People’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts and Procurement.

  2. As individuals, movements and organisations, our first step to reclaim parliament is to campaign and vote for Zackie Achmat in the 2024 national elections.

  3. We will assist Zackie Achmat to fulfil every obligation regarding SCOPA, green energy, commuter rail services, SASSA and mental health with his focus on harm reduction for substance use disorder.

I regard this affirmation as binding on my conscience and the commitments in this contract as legally enforceable.

Powers, Privileges and Immunities of Parliaments and Provincial Legislatures Act, (Act No 4 of 2004)

8.   Improper influence of members.—

(1)  A person may not by fraud, intimidation, force, insult or threat of any kind, or by the offer or promise of any inducement or benefit of any kind, or by any other improper means—

  1. influence a member in the performance of the member’s functions as a member;

  2. induce a member to be absent from Parliament or a House or committee; or 

  3. attempt to compel a member to declare himself or herself in favour of or against anything pending before or proposed or expected to be submitted to Parliament or a House or committee.

(2)  A member may not ask for, receive or accept any fee, compensation, gift, reward, favour or benefit, for the member or another person, for or in respect of—

  1. voting in a particular manner, or not voting, on any matter before a House or committee;

  2. promoting or opposing anything pending before or proposed or expected to be submitted to a House or committee; or 

  3. making a representation to a House or committee.

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