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WATCH | Advocating for the right to participate

Updated: Mar 22

On 14 February 2024, the Zackie2024 AmaTyoTyombe Activist Forum, an activist forum comprised of people living in informal settlements and backyards, staged a protest outside Parliament.

The Forum rallied to demand their right to participate in making policy and law related to informal settlements and backyards. The action was prompted by the new White Paper for Human Settlements, which was published in December 2023 for comment. Initial public participation was set to close on 31 January, and while the deadline has now been extended to 28 February, activists believe that this is too little time for people to adequately engage and give input to shape this vital legislation.

The Forum demands a six-month extension for proper consultation and that no new laws should be passed before the elections. To allow for proper engagement, the Forum also demands that the government must publish the White Paper in plain language and in all official languages.

Find our more about amaTyoTyombe Forum's demands:

AAF Human Settlements White Paper Leaflet (1)
Download PDF • 9.58MB

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