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WATCH | Three Stories Of People Living With Disability In Eerste River

Most of us take for granted ordinary acts like jumping in a taxi to go somewhere, or connecting with others on a daily basis. For people living with disabilities these are day-to-day struggles which often go unseen, particularly by those in power. To make the state work for everyone, we need to hear the voices of all.

In this video, Ludumo Hlati (pictured), Andiswa Gumede (a single mother) and Noludwe Zembetha (a mother of a child with disability) share their experience of living with disability in Forest Village, Eerste River. They speak on the challenges they face with a lack of reliable transport, access to healthcare, employment and isolation. Together, they paint a picture of their individual but also collective experiences.

"The most challenging part about taking public transport is that some people don't accept people living with disabilities. Sometimes people in taxis make faces or disgusted gestures because they don't want to sit next to him (her son). Secondly there is no space for the wheelchair," explains Noludwe Zembetha

One of the central focuses of the Zackie2024 campaign is to work with working-class people living with disabilities through an Activist Forum, to share the insights of their lived reality and to bring their voices into parliament

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