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WATCH | Zackie2024 Equality For All March

Updated: Mar 22

On 2 March 2024, Zackie2024 supporters and the Queer Revolution Activist Forum, a political space started by LGBTQIA+ supporters of Zackie2024, marched from the Civic Centre to join the Cape Town Pride march, to celebrate and advocate for the right to equality.

Zackie, an openly queer activist for over 47 years, has dedicated himself to addressing discrimination and inequality, not just for LGBTQIA+ people, but for marginalised people across society. Queer Revolution, together with Zackie as MP, will work in solidarity with the struggles of the working class, "because LGBTQIA+ people cannot be free if everyone is not free".

"We are activists who are queer, not queer activists, and we will be a bedrock in all struggles of the working class," - Zackie Achmat

Read more about Zackie's legacy of fighting for equality for all here.

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