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WATCH | Zackie2024 On The Path To Parliament

On 27 March 2023, Zackie Achmat stood on the steps of St George’s Cathedral to launch his Zackie2024 campaign as an independent candidate. Almost exactly a year later on 26 March 2024, his name was published on the IEC candidates’ list as an independent candidate on the Regional Ballot in the Western Cape. Intention turned into action and grew into a movement. 

Zackie chose to launch his campaign in this location because 25 years before, it was where he along with 15 comrades stood to launch the Treatment Action Campaign. Days before he had spoken at the memorial of AIDS activist Simon Nkoli in the cathedral, vowing to fight for access to affordable treatment. People were dying unnecessarily from a treatable condition. Government was failing to act amid a growing epidemic that could kill millions of people, wreck the economy and overburden the country’s healthcare system.

Now, as then, he was moved by the failure of the state. Now, as then, he is steadfast in his commitment to fight for justice. Now, as then, he is working alongside a movement of people across race, class, age and party affiliations to bring change. 

Throughout the year the Zackie2024 campaign has reached significant milestones along this path to Parliament:

As the countdown to election day on 29 May continues, we rely on your continued support. Here are three ways you can help:

  1. Help us to determine whether we will hit our target of 86 000 votes to secure Zackie’s seat in Parliament. If you are committed to vote for Zackie, please sign our form here.

  2. Elections are determined by both votes and money. Help fuel the final leg of our campaign by donating. Every rand counts. Donate here.

  3. Share your support on social media. Check out our supporter kit here.

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