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WATCH | Zackie2024 Campaign Overview

What does Zackie2024 stand for? This campaign overview details what it means to stand as an independent candidate, and highlights the three key pillars the campaign is built on: 1. #FixTheState

The people of South Africa are tired of party politics and empty promises, state capture and corrupt MPs. As an independent candidate, Zackie Achmat stands for radical accountability and transparency. He seeks to reclaim Parliament by not only holding the corrupt and incompetent accountable, but also by rebuilding the bridge between Parliament and the people it serves, especially the working class.

Zackie2024 believes that by building a movement of people who have the skills and knowledge to mobilise themselves we can compel the government to live up to the potential of this country and its Constitution.

Read the Zackie2024 manifesto here.

Learn more about why Zackie2024 believes in building movements, not political parties here.


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