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Zackie Achmat fasts in solidarity with #UniteBehind's campaign for State accountability

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Zackie Achmat fasts in solidarity with #UniteBehind's campaign for State accountability.

Zackie Achmat, an independent candidate in the 2024 elections, fasts in support of #UniteBehind campaign set to take place from 20-22 September 2023 outside Parliament, Cape Town. Zackie, also the director of #UniteBehind, joins this action to demand accountability and action against state capture and corruption in South Africa.

#UniteBehind has lodged complaints against six MPs with Parliament's Ethics Committee for their role in the destruction of PRASA and their failure to uphold ethical and legal responsibilities. Shockingly, the Ethics Committee closed its investigations into four of these MPs and imposed only a two-month paid suspension on one of them. #UniteBehind is challenging these decisions in court, demanding justice and accountability.

"Parliament's failure to take seriously these allegations and its failure to implement the recommendations of the Zondo Commission report is a reflection of a broken system that desperately needs fixing," explains Zackie. "The fast symbolizes the hunger for justice and accountability."

The demands of the fast action are clear: Parliament must remove all corrupt MPs and implement the recommendations of the Zondo Commission report.

The fasting campaign is a powerful expression of the frustration and anger many in South Africa feel over the lack of action against corruption within Parliament. Parliament has failed in its job to represent the interest of the people. State Capture, corruption, nepotism, 'tenderpreneurs', and mismanagement have cost the country hundreds of billions of rands. Money that should have ensured adequate service delivery, infrastructure upgrade and contributed to economic growth.

Zackie believes accountability is essential to fixing the state. He is committed to restoring trust and integrity as an independent MP in Parliament. His approach to doing this is two-fold: 1. He is signing a Contract of Ethics and Accountability with his constituents. Under this contract, Zackie vows to hold himself answerable to the people he represents to rebuild the bridge between Parliament and the people. 2. If elected, Zackie seeks to serve on one of the committees that oversees government expenditure: the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA), the Standing Committee on Finance, or the Standing Committee on Appropriations.

"If we want to fix the state, we must follow the money," says Zackie. "It is time Parliament stands accountable to the people. If elected, I will work to bring the voices of hard-working, long-suffering people in South Africa into Parliament."



Tamsyn Dekenah

+27 (0)78 919 6519


When: 20-22 September 2023

Where: Outside Parliament, Plein Street, Cape Town

Organisers: #UniteBehind, Zackie2024, Movement for Social Justice and Change

The demands

  • Parliament withdraw its opposition to the #UniteBehind court challenge and reopen its investigations into the complaints laid with the Ethics Committee

  • Parliament remove Sfiso Buthelezi as chair of Standing Committee on Appropriations

  • Parliament must remove Joe Maswanganyi as Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Finance.

  • Parliament discipline and remove all corrupt MPs from Parliament

  • Parliament implement the Zondo Commission recommendations

The call to action

  • ENDORSE: Send you organisation’s official endorsement to our call for action by sending an email of support on an official email or letterhead to

  • SIGN THE PETITION: Support the demands of this action by signing the petition here:

  • JOIN THE FAST: We invite people to join the fast, in part or in full, in person or at home.

  • AMPLIFY: Share news about this action on your social media channels.

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