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Why Zackie2024 needs millions to get Zackie elected

An independent candidate in the Western Cape must secure nearly 100 000 votes in the next general election to win a seat in the National Assembly. This province has about 3 million registered voters. Zackie2024 must reach a significant number of these voters and those not registered yet, over the next six months.


The Zackie2024 campaign is about more than just building a support base to get Zackie, as a progressive independent, elected. We are also building a knowledge-based movement. Together Zackie as a MP and the movement will work towards a public service that is competent, ethical, and accountable. We need money to do this work. 


Beside private donations, represented parties have access to both the Multiparty Democracy Fund and the Represented Political Parties Fund which disburses funds. As an independent candidate, Zackie does not have access to these funds. To compete with well-funded parties, Zackie2024 needs a party-like machinery just to be in the race. We can't do this alone. We’ve budgeted R12 million for a small but professional campaign staff, ample but modest campaign operation, and all the related expenses.Paid staff, although few, are the essential backbone of the campaign. Without a team of daily professional workers there would be no coordination, no education, and no administration.


To put a flyer in every registered voter’s hand, to hang posters, organise meetings, forums, and events and compete for visibility with other parties will cost hundreds of thousands of rands.


If full-time staff are the backbone, then volunteers are the muscle of this campaign. Without their systematic work in their communities, establishing branches, mobilising, and recruiting, the campaign cannot take root or know how many people will lend their vote on election day. Funding is required to provide basic support to volunteers, which includes transport, data, food, and equipment.


We need your financial contribution to run the campaign. Every rand counts and we will account for every rand


You can make a once-off contribution or commit to a regular monthly donation.


Have questions? Visit our FAQs for more or send an email to

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