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We have given this election our best, and we will continue to build our movement

We have lost the election by a wide margin. But my heart and head are strong, because our message will win in the end. We have reached beautiful people in all their vulnerability. Horror and incredible resilience balances out. All decent people across our city and country want to #FixTheState, #ReclaimParliament and to #BuildOurCommunities.  

Today, everyone who has worked in our election campaign must understand that our achievements as a movement and team have been great. Yes, we are sad but we should also be proud. I love every comrade who has worked hard with integrity, honesty and commitment.

Our voice has reached hundreds of thousands of people in our city and many more throughout the country through the media. We have not failed in carrying a message that we need to come together to help rebuild our country.

The work now is to continue to educate ourselves and to build working-class unity. Every leader in our movement must study politics, history, economics and even theory so that we can make a serious mark in the lives of the working class. We must continue to educate people about - and implement - Section 195 of the Constitution and the People’s SCOPA. This work is urgent. 

Danger awaits all of us, because the ANC has failed all the people of the country, and now it will lose its majority. The forces of division, hate, racism, tribalism, misogyny, homophobia and xenophobia have grown, and political parties such as MK, EFF, the Patriotic Alliance, Cape Coloured Congress and others will now celebrate as the crisis in our country deepens. Our message of working class unity is more important now than ever before. 

We can not do this work alone. Our leaders and movements must work with every political force - both inside and outside Parliament - who wants to uphold and realise the Constitution. 

The Activist Forums that we have built must remain at the core of our struggles. Through the work of Youth in Action we must ensure that the amendments to the liquor laws are passed by Parliament. We will work to ensure that the city, provincial and national governments fulfil their obligations towards people living with disabilities. 

The Amatyotyombe Forum will continue work on the White Paper on Human Settlements to provide justice for people living in informal settlements, backyards and tenants across the City. And Queer Revolution will create safe spaces of support and solidarity for the collective struggle of equality for all. We will continue to build our communities.

I would love to name every comrade who has worked on, supported or donated to our campaign but space does not allow it and I might leave out a comrade that has sacrificed for us.

I also want to thank every one of the 10 399 (98.85% of VDs counted) people who voted for me. Now is the time we must work together to ensure that this defeat becomes a lesson that will see the rebirth of progressive politics.

-- Zackie Achmat 


On Friday, 31 May 2024, Zackie2024 signed onto a joint letter to the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa because a number of people who voted for me across the City could not meet the 9pm deadline for their Section 55 objections, due to votes not reflecting in results reported for their voting station. We supported an extension of the deadline. However Zackie now withdraws his name from that letter.

Right now, anti-democratic forces aim to discredit a credible result provincially and nationally. 

We support the IEC and believe in the credibility of these elections, we want to ensure that every vote counts and that any technical errors are addressed by the IEC. 

If you are certain you voted for Zackie and your voting station is reflecting zero, we ask that you download and fill out the form below, have it certified by a commissioner of oaths, and send it back to We will then issue a formal Section 55 complaint requesting the IEC to investigate further. 

We want to be clear that we do not expect this to have a material impact on Zackie’s chance of getting a seat in parliament, nor to result in any major recount across the province. We have accepted our loss, and the results of the IEC, and our intention with this complaint will only be to strengthen the credibility of the elections.

20240601 Section 55 Affidavit
Download PDF • 71KB

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