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Direct accountability to the people

Accountability is a cornerstone of the Zackie2024 campaign. Zackie Achmat is dedicating his life to holding the state accountable. He led movements like TAC, Equal Education, Social Justice Coalition & Reclaim the City, in the fight to realise the rights promised by the Constitution.

Currently through the work of #UniteBehind, he is taking the government to task for letting MPs implicated in corruption and State Capture continue to serve, and bringing a case to court to argue that Parliamentary Ethics Committee proceedings should be transparent.

One of the reasons Zackie chose to run as an independent candidate is because he wants to be directly accountable to his constituents, rather than to party structures. To formalise this relationship he signs a Contract of Work, Ethics and Accountability with his constituents.

This is a binding commitment between both parties and provides a mechanism for people to sanction and even recall him, should he not do the work he set out in it.

Under this contract, Zackie vows to hold himself answerable to the people he represents; to rebuild the bridge between parliament and the people.

An Accountability Committee will manage any procedure for laying and investigating complaints. It can appoint an Ombud where necessary to investigate and make appropriate recommendations and sanctions including exercising the right to recall him as an MP.

Zackie is the only candidate running in the 2024 elections who signs a Contract of Work, Ethics and Accountability with his constituents. As an MP, he will be committed to the Constitution, the rule of law and working in solidarity with working-class people.

On 9 May 2024, Zackie signed this contract with his community of supporters in Delft and Tygerberg, and together they committed to doing the work to #FixTheState, #ReclaimParliament and #BuildOurCommunities.

Read the full contract here.


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