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The horror of the Israeli genocide and ethnic cleansing in the Palestinian territories continues unabated. Relentless and targeted bombing means the people of Gaza are subjected to displacement, hunger, thirst, illness, violence and death. The latest reports puts the number of Palestinian people killed by Israel at nearly 20 000 with tens of thousands of people maimed. All people of conscience in every part of the world continue to express our solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Truth demands that we condemn the war crimes of Hamas and Islamic Jihad against Jewish and other civilians in Israel. We would deny our humanity if we fail to regard their actions as abhorrent.

Truth also demands that we speak of the origins 7 October 2023. Many have said the ethnic cleansing and the road to genocide against the people of Palestine began 75 years ago. We must have a vision that looks at the long history of European complicity and promotion of Zionism. Europe’s history of antisemitism (pogroms, discrimination, oppression and death camps) in the 19th and 20th centuries has led to the Nakba, wars and the current siege of the West Bank and the genocide in Gaza. 

Today, the political establishments of the United States, Britain, Europe (particularly Germany), Canada and others underwrite the genocide and a new Nakba in all Palestinian Territories.

Every person who seeks justice will also stand unequivocally against the Biden administration for providing money and arms to Israel. The US defends Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people of Gaza through actions such as vetoing resolutions for an immediate ceasefire at the United Nations. The International Criminal Court (ICC) and its prosecutor Karim Asad Khan KC deliberately violate international law through their failure to issue arrest warrants for among others Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoav Galant and Benny Gantz, Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich. Khan averts his eyes from genocide, as well as, millions of global citizens who have taken to the streets to demand an immediate ceasefire. Khan and the ICC have thus far ignored governments, including South Africa, that formally requested an investigation into war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crimes of genocide and apartheid. Several governments also demanded the issuing of warrants of arrest for Netanyahu and others.

Because the ICC has refused to act, another legal route must be followed. The time is now for the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to address the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. It cannot hold criminal proceedings because it is an international “civil” court. 

The ICJ previously declared parts of Israel’s apartheid wall on the West Bank unlawful. South Africa and other countries must ask the ICJ to provide an urgent opinion based on the overwhelming evidence available that proves violations of the Genocide and Geneva Conventions, and, to direct all countries assisting Israel to stop arms sales and financial support. It is the duty of the ICJ to call on countries to implement sanctions against Israel.

Zackie Achmat and the Zackie2024 campaign stands with all the people of Palestine. We support demands for:

  • an immediate ceasefire.

  • the immediate release of all hostages and political prisoners 

  • the provision of all humanitarian assistance needed by the people of Gaza.

  • economic sanctions against Israel.

  • an arms and surveillance equipment embargo by not buying from, or, selling weapons to Israel until a just settlement is reached.

  • immediate action by the International Court of Justice to hold hearings and issue an opinion to demand sanctions against Israel.

  • the International Criminal Court to issue warrants and prosecute those responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the people of Palestine.

  • the diplomatic isolation of Israel and all the governments that support its war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the people of Palestine.

  • boycotts of Israel globally by every person of conscience.

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