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In this season of giving, give democracy a chance

In the spirit of the season, we reflect on the values that unite us. Our country is at a crossroads, grappling with a broken system that jeopardizes our people and our future. The failures of state-owned entities and a faltering public administration demand immediate action.

The 2024 election represents a historic and pivotal moment for South Africa. Through the Electoral Amendment Act, (EAA) which now allows for independent candidates, we are reshaping the ballot, giving the country the opportunity to reshape Parliament and putting us on a new trajectory towards an ethical, competent and accountable state.

We need to reclaim Parliament from the profiteers and professional politicians for the people, they are meant to serve. We need to reclaim a public service from the corrupt and incompetent. We need to reclaim Parliament by bringing the silent voices of the people of South Africa back into the halls of policymaking.

However, the Zackie2024 campaign is more than a bid for a parliamentary seat; it's building a movement for change. By organising, educating, and engaging citizenry, we aim to compel and assist the government to find ways to fix the state and address the challenges we face as a society. The vision extends beyond waiting for change; every citizen and community must actively contribute their voice, their time, and skills.

We also need money. Winning a seat as an independent candidate requires reaching a significant number of voters. The result of the EAA’s decision to split the ballot for National Assembly seats into regional and compensatory seats means that independent candidates (who only appear on the regional ballot) need almost twice as many votes as parties to get a seat.

To compete with parties, the campaign requires a party-like machinery, and that comes with costs. A budget of R12 million is set for a professional team, operational costs, and support for volunteers to organise and mobilise voters.

Can we do it?

In a little over six weeks, Zackie2024 was able to garner 15 487 endorsement signatures, growing a groundswell of support for Zackie as an independent candidate. In 2024 we will build on this support, moving into new voting districts to grow the movement and gain commitment from voters to elect Zackie.

We need your donation to power this work. Every rand contributes to getting Zackie into Parliament and sustaining our movement. Whether a one-time donation or a regular monthly commitment, your support matters.

Monthly contributions

R50: 5 Posters

R100: 350 Educational pamphlets

R200: 3GB mobile data for 1 organizer

R300: Transport and a meal for 1 youth to an education workshop

R500: 1 Pull-up banner

R5000: 62 t-shirts

R20,000: Salary for critical campaign roles

R400,000: Salary bill for 30 campaign workers

R1 million: Operational funding for 1 month of optimal campaigning (including events, materials, media spend and overheads)

Join us on this path to Parliament.

Visit our FAQs for more information or email

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