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"I've felt excited and positive about politics"

Mike Irwin shares why he is excited about voting this year.

Tomorrow I feel finally for the first time since voting for Mandela I am voting to give a real voice for the homeless, the recyclers, the out of work poor, for the mentally challenged, the old and poor the disempowered but passionate youth, in Parliament. The passion that had died in me is getting reawakened.

In South Africa we have one of the greatest activist in world history Zackie is not just another independent candidate. He wouldn't waste his time that way. It's not just about Zackie at all. He makes sure it never is. His life has been one of sacrificial service for others....he has 10s of1000s of young and old in the poorer class coming to the polls tomorrow and they will not just be voters. They will lead the party from the ground up.

If only the middle class realized we are on on the brink of one of the greatest progressive shifts in democracy in the history of this country. It's a big mistake to think this party is just about one independent candidate. It's about an empowered poorer class whose voice is about to be heard. Not Zackie's voice but the future leaders of this country from the youth passionate about truth, justice and hope in the face of one of the most corrupt govts in world history.

What Zackie's grassroots followers have done already is legendary.. have a look at his page Zackie2024.


For me this is the first time ever since Mandela I've felt excited and positive about politics in this country. We are going to rock the boat.

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