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"Here is someone that I can vouch for, and trust with my vote"

Updated: Mar 8

The following endorsement was written by Bonile Peter, a former Treatment Action Campaign volunteer (2001-2007).

After my diagnosis with HIV in May 2001, I joined Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and became an active volunteer in the movement until 2007. Amongst other people in the movement, I was introduced to Zackie Achmat who was a leader at the time. This was someone we looked up to and trusted. We believed so much in him that he had our backs in the fight against HIV stigma, discrimination and affordable treatment of HIV, because he was one of our own and he understood our daily struggles. When the South African government finally listened to its people and rolled out affordable anti-retroviral treatment to its people, I knew TAC would have to shift itself as an organisation from treatment advocacy. I honestly thought that it would transition to a political party and that for me,  would have been the next thing. A lot of volunteers would have loved and supported that. We lost interest in our political parties we were affiliated to, because we found a new home in TAC and in Zackie.

When I heard that Zackie is standing as an independent candidate in the next elections, I was like here is a man who is capable of leading our country to the next level. Here is someone that I can vouch for, and trust with my vote (pity I reside outside of the province in which he campaigns from). In the past, we had voted for political leaders who promised us everything under the sun before elections, once they get into power we do not exist. This country is in need of good clean leaders in the calibre of Zackie Achmat and to have him successfully elected in the next elections, would be the best thing any South African would have done since the dawn of democracy. We thought we did so with the government of the day but we all know, they have run out of fuel and it's time for fresh, new candidates and Zackie is the person.


He once led TAC to greater heights, he never took for granted the trust his followers had in him and he can lead us again, now in Parliament. The day he is successfully elected as an MP will be the day I will know that democracy is real and works in our country. 


Vote for Zackie. AMANDLAAAA!

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