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Forums for change at community level

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Zackie2024 is building a political movement through a knowledge-based campaign rather than one based on speeches, T-shirts, posters and empty promises.


Over the past nine month since the launch of the campaign, Zackie2024 has set up seven Activist Forums. Two are geographically-based and five are issue-based. We have established Activist Forums in the Klipfontein and Khayelitsha districts. 

The AmaTyoTyombe (informal settlements) Activist Forum is discussing the formulation of a bill that recognises security of tenure and sets out the legal duties and responsibilities of all levels of government in relation to the upgrading of informal settlements.


People living with disabilities, who live in dire circumstances and, their community organisations in townships and informal settlements are studying the Equality Act and the best data on disability in our country to better advocate for their right to dignified living conditions, healthcare and employment.


Youth in Action, which draws together a coalition of local youth bodies such as drama, music and sports clubs, have worked with former Treatment Action Campaign doctors and activists to develop a harm reduction campaign for substance abuse disorder with a focus on alcohol use among youth.


Building on equality work, Queer Revolution is a Zackie2024-led campaign to study LGBTIQ+ history, politics, the Constitution and laws that promote equality.

The Activist Forum for Neighbourhood Watches in informal settlements and townships comprises women, men and youth. This Forum has researched aspects of Neighbourhood Watch laws, programmes and budget allocations from the different levels of government that affect their work.


Every Activist Forum is a space for education, planning and organising. All the Forums are studying the Constitutional emphasis on the democratic values and principles of public administration and procurement of goods and services.


We cannot #FixTheState without a mass movement demanding a Public Service Commission that is guided only by the Constitution and the best available evidence to inform policies and programmes.

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