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13 201 signatures from registered voters.

This milestone can only be achieved with YOUR help.

Whether you'd like to start a Zackie2024 chapter, join one, or simply grab a few forms to collect signatures - we appreciate all the help we can get!

If you want to find out where you can add your signature, look for an event near to you.

What is needed

The IEC requires a completed application form from the candidate and a single nominator to be submitted with an appendix of 13 201 voters' names, ID numbers and signatures. We are also required to validate these voters by electronically uploading their ID numbers to the IEC candidate portal.

Signatures can come from voters anywhere in South Africa, not only the Western Cape.


Once Zackie is on the ballot, votes will only be possible from those registered and voting in the Western Cape.

Names and signatures are collected on an official A4 endorsement form. Each page captures 20 twenty rows of signatures, meaning we will need to complete (and track!) and then finally submit at least 660 pages - not taking the odd error and mishap into account.

ID numbers then need to be uploaded and validated, using the portal. To assist in this process, we capture these details into a database from which we can easily extract them for upload.

If you can help fill a page, or 10, please email for the forms and instructions. If you're around the Western Cape and have a bit more time to share, why not join a chapter, or start one? Regardless of how you get involved, please join our WhatsApp community to stay up to date on campaign milestones and news.

What are chapters?

Chapters are generally geography-based, or interest-based and bring together Zackie2024 campaign supporters who volunteers their time and efforts towards getting Zackie on the ballot and then securing votes for him in 2024.

We encourage chapters to organise in a manner that best suits them but do provide some guidelines and suggestions based on experiences to date. The campaign supports chapters with resources including training, banners, leaflets, flyers, pens, clipboards, Snapscan posters, and other basic organising tools. We will also publish the events on the website and promote them on social media to maximise attendance.

What chapters exist?

We currently have chapters in the Inner City, False Bay, and the Northern Suburbs and Mowbray/Obs seems to be starting up.

If you don't spot your area above, why not start a chapter where you are?


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