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Will you vote for Zackie?

Running a campaign on limited resources means we mobilise prudently. Knowing who, and how many voters we can rely on means we can best focus our efforts on spreading news of Zackie to new areas. 

We believe support and commitment could reasonably be assumed through engagement with the campaign in some form - whether it's volunteering your time, a financial donation or attending an event, these actions likely include many who will cast their vote for Zackie.

The only hiccough is that these people might not be in the Western Cape and able to vote for Zackie.

This is where we need your help.


Election Day is approaching. We need to make sure that we’ve done enough to get Zackie in Parliament. By sharing your commitment to vote for Zackie you help the campaign to gauge our progress towards 86 000 votes.

Your commitment will not be shared publicly. 

Will you vote for Zackie in the upcoming elections?
Add your voice: Public endorsements help others to learn more about Zackie. Your endorsement will be published on the campaign website and used in campaign materials. 
By providing your endorsement you consent to Zackie2024 publishing it.

Thank you! Your response has been submitted.

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